Home nursing

Koti-Medi’s professional nurses come to your home and deliver nursing care in your own safe and familiar setting. This leaves you more resources to recover. We can visit you on a regular basis or whenever you need us depending upon your individual needs.

On top of basic care we also perform more demanding nursing tasks as:

– wound care
– taking blood and urine samples
– administering medication, injections, IV-treatments
– taking blood pressure
– removing stitches and staples
– urinary catheter measures
– hospice care

Hospice care


Hospice care means delivering care that ensures patient’s wellbeing and relieving symptoms after active care has been terminated.

We can deliver hospice care at your own home where you feel safe and can be surrounded by your loved ones and under your doctor’s instructions.

We can take of all the measures usually performed at a hospital: administering IV-painkillers, injections and anti-nausea medication.

Home care support services

When we say our service covers more than just nursing we really mean it !

Our trained nurses help you all the way and offer the following services:

– personal assistance for the disabled
– travel help
– getting a phone helpline
making your home safe and free of obstacles
– cooking and shopping
– home cleaning
– tidying up and doing the laundry
– minor repair works
– hair dressing
– foot care

Home cleaning

To have a clean and tidy home helps with daily chores and keeps your spirits high. Our staff can clean your home either according to a schedule or whenever the need arises. This service is partially tax deductible. see more at: www.vero.fi

Our service covers

heavy cleaning
weekly cleaning
– washing the windows
cleaning after moving, including unpacking

Child care

Child care regardless of whether your child is ill or well. We have skilled child sitters who come to the home – according to your needs. We are allways available if your child falls ill – even at a short notice. We are an approved service voucher child care provider within the Helsinki region.

Care services

Do you need help with daily chores or are you possibly recovering from an operation ?

Koti-Medi’s professional and dedicated nurses come to your home on a regular basis and take care of all of your nursing needs.

Our nurses are flexible and service minded and can help you with:

elderly care
helping disabled people
child care
helping to manage at home
personal hygiene
visiting your doctor

Let us create a personal nursing plan for you.

Koti-Medi Oy rates

Home nursing
Nurse 50,95 € / hour

Home care
Practical nurse 40,45 € / hour

Personal assistant
(no nursing training) 30,45 € / hour

Child care 32,00 € / hour

Cleaning service 31,00 € / hour

Blood sample taking 57 € / sample (no time charge)

One time visit fee +6,50 € / visit
Evening and night time and weekend enhancments:

Evenings 18:00-21:00 + 15%
Nights 21:00-06:00 + 40%
Saturdays 06:0-20:00 + 25%
Sundays/Holidays Saturday 20:00-Sunday 24:00 + 100%
Day before holiday 00:00-20:00 + 100%

Please note!

– Home nursing and home care are free of VAT
– The first orientation visit is free of charge
– Minimum charge one hour, two hours for cleaning services
– Invoicing once a month
– Terms of payment 14 days
– Travel and parking fees are subject to a separate agreement


Holistic care

Koti-Medi’s philosophy and vision is holistic care.

Our principle is that each person is a unique individual in interaction with his/her environment.

Therefore we apply a holistic nursing principle, caring about people as a whole person by taking into account their physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs.

Focusing on clients

Working from the client’s needs: Our clients have the right to make decisions concerning their lifes and everything that has to do with their care. Koti-Medi’s nurses listen and understand the clients’ hopes and needs. We draw the nursing plan together with our client and act accordingly. If the customer is unable to make the appropriate decisions our nurses draw a nursing plan based upon evidence-based nursing science.


Trust is the foundation upon which we build and our care is based on acting exactly according to the nursing care plan.


Each one of our employees is personally responsible for the quality of his/her work. Our nurses are not just responsible for delivering good holistic care to each client but are also responsible to the client’s own doctor.


Koti-Medi’s staff is also responsible to keep current with the development of nursing science and to develope their skills continuously. This guarantees good professional care.